Pocket Antivirus

Pocket Antivirus 6.5.1

Superior protection for Palm handhelds from today's viruses

Pocket Antivirus offers superior protection for palm powered handhelds from today's viruses aswell as free wireless updates to guarantee protection from future viruses.

The features of Pocket Antivirus include:

Virus Scan

Pocket Antivirus quickly scans for and removes all known Palm OS Viruses.

Wireless Updates

Whenever a new virus threatens your device, new virus definitions can be downloaded wirelessly from within Pocket Antivirus.

Virus Definitions

Pocket Antivirus displays a list of it's virus definitions with descriptions of the damage each virus does, and how large a threat it is to your device. Unlike other products Pocket Antivirus tells you exactly what you're protected against.

Hotsync Protection

Pocket Antivirus scans new files for viruses as they are being hotsynced to your device.

Security Log

Pocket Antivirus logs all antivirus related events, so you can see exactly what is happening on your device.

Background Scan

Pocket Antivirus protects against viruses in the background aswell as manually, so you always know your device is secure.

Frequent Updates

Pocket Antivirus has released more updates than any other antivirus software for Palm OS.

Pocket Antivirus


Pocket Antivirus 6.5.1

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  • icefyre101

    by icefyre101

    "No way to register app"

    I went to the site where your supposed to go to register, and it was some Japanese web site about hair... More.

    reviewed on August 12, 2012